Frequently Asked Questions

Robinson Window Cleaning receives questions about window cleaning services everyday from clients and potential clients all over the Southeastern United States and around the world. We've gathered a few of the questions together here in our FAQ section. If you have any other questions or would like to receive a quote, please contact us today.

How often should we clean our windows?
We recommend cleaning your windows at least twice annually, in the spring after the pollen falls and during the fall.

How long does it take to clean a building?
On the average most multi- level facilities are five stories. Approximately three days is a normal amount of time to perform service.

Are your products safe?
Yes we use industry proven chemicals that are not harmful and bio hazards to your building.

Can your service be performed in the winter season?
Yes, as long as the temperature is sunny, 45 degrees and higher, with calm winds.

How do you price your services?
Our services are competitively priced. Our services are priced based on the time of the job, size and number of windows. The roof and anchor points determine specific equipment used for our services.

Does Robinson Window Cleaning follow safety guidelines?
Our best practices are being safe on every job! We follow all safety regulations and guidelines from top to bottom from wearing fall protection gear to performing proper tie offs at anchor points ALWAYS with life line support.